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  • MR100 Mosquito repeller
MR100 Mosquito repeller

MR100 Mosquito repeller

The MR100 Mosquito Repeller utilizes multi-functional electronic waves to repel mosquitoes.  It generates automatic scanning ultrasonic waves to interfere with mosquitoes’ activities, causing them to feel discomfort and fly away. Although female mosquitoes do not usually target human blood, they do rely on human blood to provide essential nutrients during pregnancy. To avoid multiple mating during pregnancy, female mosquitoes fly away upon hearing the sound of male mosquitoes. Furthermore, dragonflies are a mosquito’s natural enemy, for they eat all sorts of male and female mosquitoes. As a result, mosquitoes also escape when they hear the sound of dragonfly wings fluttering.
This device generates the following electronic signals - sweeping ultrasound frequencies to disturb male and female mosquitoes in general, sweeping audio frequencies (mimicking male mosquitoes), and very low audio frequencies (mimicking dragonflies). All functions can be controlled independently. They can be used separately, used at the same time, or used in combination. The device can also adjust its volume based on whether it is being used indoors or outdoors. In addition, there is a purple light which can be switched on when a room is in total darkness. Mosquitoes will be attracted to the light and consequently repelled, instead of being attracted to warm human breath.
As a result, this device is superior to other mosquito repellent devices currently on the market, because its 4 main functions all can be freely arranged and organized into different frequency combinations, allowing it to target thousands of mosquito varieties. Its effectiveness has been widely tested and appraised in many countries.



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