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  • DH100 Dehumidifie
  • DH100 Dehumidifie
  • DH100 Dehumidifie
DH100 DehumidifieDH100 DehumidifieDH100 Dehumidifie

DH100 Dehumidifie

The product:
This product is designed to be portable, with a handle attached for ease of transport. Its       dehumidifying capability is ideal for small spaces like wardrobes, pantries, small bedrooms etc. The front grill may be removed for cleaning. Electronic sensors monitor the water level such that the unit turns off automatically when the water tank is full. The unit also automatically shuts off in response to potential overheating due to fan failure.
At the heart of the unit is a Peltier thermal electric device which cools down the aluminum heat sink in the front. This causes water vapor to condense and be collected by the water tank below. The cool, dehumidified air is then sucked in by the fan at the back, blown onto the hot heat sink, and then released through the top of the unit.
• Peltier thermal electric module 12V D.C 5A
• 120mm brushless D.C fan
• 1000ml water tank
• Retractable handle
• Removable front grill
• De-humidifying ability: about 500ml/day at 85% RH. 30℃
• Automatic cut-off when water tank is full
• Electronic switching sensors
• 70℃ safety cut-off
• Switching mode power adaptor 100-240Va.c 50/60Hz
• Dimensions: 203×152×305 mm
• Remove the D.C plug first when the unit is being carried around
• Remove the front grill to clean the cold heat sink from time to time
• Place the unit on a flat surface 



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